Why I normally shy away from controversy

May 22, 2013

I’ve been blogging for momaha.com – a local parenting site that is owned and operated by Omaha’s major newspaper, The Omaha World-Herald – for over three years. Throughout it all, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve purposely tackled something controversial.

I don’t like arguing with people. In fact, nine times out of 10, I’d prefer to sit back and read other people’s rants and arguments while watching the drama unfold from the sidelines.

But the story about rich Manhattan moms renting disabled people to cut in lines at Disney World reeled me in. Originally reported by the NY Post, and subsequently picked up by major news outlets across the country, the allegations are pretty deplorable.

Disney World is conducting their own investigation and, last I knew, the company has not released an official statement.

While the majority of readers enjoyed my take on the situation, I got slammed a little by others who didn’t think I did a thorough enough investigation before I flew off the handle. Well, here’s a newsflash: I am a blogger who gets paid (thankfully because so many others do not) for sharing my stories and opinions. I read the NY Post article, and then follow-up articles published on CNN and Yahoo!

That, to me, was a trifecta of reputable sources. šŸ™‚

I thought maternalmedia readers would get a kick out of listening to me and fellow blogger, Melissa Cruickshank, talk about this unfolding story. This radio podcast took place last Thursday, May 16, Enjoy!

Oh, and here’s a good post from a blogger who loves Disney World. She believes the allegations are total BS.

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6 responses to Why I normally shy away from controversy


    You’re braver than me! I don’t need ANY hands to count how many times I’ve publicly written my opinion on anything controversial. You’ll note, you heard my opinion on this, yet I didn’t even stand up for you in the comments on your post. Sorry, you’re on your own! This non-arguer likes to stay out of the fray, as well. You say, “wimp, afraid to share her opinion”. I say, “careful observer, taking in all opposing viewpoints”. You say, “lousy friend”. I say, “you’re right. you’re still on your own.” šŸ˜‰


    I’m sorry, was that XOJane, or XLJane. Bam! There’s an apologist for everyone. #margeschott


    One of the biggest reasons {besides the fact that no one’s offered me a paying gig…hee hee} that I would shy away from sharing with the masses is because I hate controversy as well. The reality is that you just never know what will hit someone the wrong way. I think you handle it pretty darn well. Good stuff, Heidi.


    Thanks Ashli. I still plan to develop an apology to my daughter in a future post explaining that I know she’ll go through a period of hating her frizzy hair just like I used to hate mine. I may use a photo of you as proof that not every woman needs to start off her morning with a squirt bottle. šŸ™‚ If I didn’t know how totally awesome you are (or how crazy fast your dad is) I would detest you based on your gorgeous hair alone. Jealous.