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For those who received an automatic notice that I published a post that is password-protected, I did in fact do that. But I only meant for that notice to reach one person since I’m writing as a guest for her company’s blog. SO HIGH FIVE TO ME for not knowing what on earth I’m doing! My apologies. You’ll see the actual post soon…once approved…no super secret password required.

Until then, I thought you’d enjoy hearing about my year’s highlights. I feel as if I’m on the cusp of all the “A Look Back on 2014” montages since I’m tossing mine out there before Christmas. Hopefully you haven’t yet entered the eye-rolling, heavy sighing phase and will enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

Special thanks to Pat and JT from Q98.5 FM for continuing to let me hang out with them every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I also want to thank Shannon over at MaybeYouCanRelate for helping me narrow down my Top 10 Moments.

(If you don’t LIKE the word LIKE, you may just want to close your browser now. I can’t control it. I’ve like tried.)

Written by Heidi Woodard

I had the chance to talk about my latest post about how adults go crazy over a kid’s game on the Pat&JT Show this morning.

Talk about therapeutic!

And here’s the kicker: I received calls, tweets, and even an invitation to connect with someone on LinkedIn as a result. People are passionate about this topic. It seems as though we’ve all witnessed at least one rabid adult going completely ballistic at a youth sporting event.

Enjoy listening to the replays below. For those in/around Omaha, I’m on air every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8 a.m. on KQKQ Q98.5 FM. Tune in to listen and call in to 402-962-9898 if you have something you want to add to the conversation!

You’ll hear Jill (JT), me, and Whit, who was filling in for Pat today, in the segments below.

If you’d like to listen to the entire 7 a.m. podcast, you can access that here. Fair warning: I maaayy have found a way to bring the discussion back to my collegiate softball playing days at the 8:30 mark. I also said I was “an 18-year old collegiate senior.” I’ve never been good at math.

Written by Heidi Woodard

The Road to Kelley

September 2, 2014

Stuff I love to do: Talk, laugh, and play softball. I’m still able to accomplish two out of three without needing built-in recuperation days.

Over four months ago, I agreed to play on a slow pitch softball team with radio personalities “JT” from the Pat&JT Show and Damon Benning from Sharp and Benning in the Morning. I thought I’d be doing them a favor considering I used to be pretty good back in the day.

We branded our journey as the “Road to Kelley” because Kelley Softball Complex is pretty much the mecca of slow pitch around these parts…sort of like the “Road to Omaha” is the dream of every NCAA baseball player looking to advance to the College World Series.

If I had to sum up my contribution to the season in a series of tags, I would use these words: Overconfidence, Glory Days, Wild Arm Woodard, Kadoosh, Broken Ring, Cut Leg, Swollen Finger, Bruised Heel, Bruised Pride, Sub Needed, and Indefinite DL.

Lucky for us, Kady and Rachel – the brilliant duo representing Warrior Television at Westside High School – captured our journey from beginning to end.



Written by Heidi Woodard