Radio replay: 2014 year in review

December 23, 2014

For those who received an automatic notice that I published a post that is password-protected, I did in fact do that. But I only meant for that notice to reach one person since I’m writing as a guest for her company’s blog. SO HIGH FIVE TO ME for not knowing what on earth I’m doing! My apologies. You’ll see the actual post soon…once approved…no super secret password required.

Until then, I thought you’d enjoy hearing about my year’s highlights. I feel as if I’m on the cusp of all the “A Look Back on 2014” montages since I’m tossing mine out there before Christmas. Hopefully you haven’t yet entered the eye-rolling, heavy sighing phase and will enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

Special thanks to Pat and JT from Q98.5 FM for continuing to let me hang out with them every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I also want to thank Shannon over at MaybeYouCanRelate for helping me narrow down my Top 10 Moments.

(If you don’t LIKE the word LIKE, you may just want to close your browser now. I can’t control it. I’ve like tried.)

Written by Heidi Woodard

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    Glad no password was needed for this one 😉 Don’t worry, your kids can teach you the ins and outs of technology — but only when you’re ready.

    Pushing play now…