My pride for you

May 26, 2013

(Dedicated to the not-so-little men in my life.)

I see you try your hardest. I see you shine even when things don’t go your way. When your character is truly tested.

It’s easy to be a leader when everything comes easily. The true test is how you react to adversity.

You didn’t ask to have an overly competitive mom. A mom who doesn’t sugar coat. A mom who will tell you all the ways you can improve.

You say you know how proud I am of you, but do you really?

Yes I am proud of your physical abilities, but I am absolutely floored by your mental toughness.

You won’t always make the right decisions; in fact, you will make some pretty bad ones. But you will know when you’re wrong.

That’s all I can ask for.

To have the capacity to realize those moments when you should stop in your tracks and flip a 180.

This crazy life is much like the games you play.

There will be winners, losers, cheaters, heroes, and those who are content to sit on the sidelines watching the action unfold.

You will be admired by some, and will watch others hoping to glean a bit of their wisdom and talent.

Be humble in all you do. Because greatness is but a fleeting memory.

Reinvent yourself. Surprise not only the people you are trying to impress, but also those you may never know are watching you.

Trophies will tarnish.

My pride for you will not.

I assumed the days of summer would be a special chapter in your young lives. What I didn’t anticipate was how meaningful this time would be for me and your dad too.

Thanks for letting us come along for the ride.

Created by Heidi Woodard

6 responses to My pride for you


      Thanks Roy. Funny how it takes a long weekend to force one’s self to reflect. I must make the time to do it everyday. Just can’t imagine dragging my butt outta bed like you do!

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    Beautifully said, Heidi. You and your husband are raising some great kids, and they, in turn, are lucky to have you. As they gain more experience in the world, they will realize how truly lucky they are, even if they don’t fully comprehend that now. And when they do begin to comprehend it, I hope they remember to tell you both they realize it, at least every once in awhile. 😉


      Aawww thanks. I take for granted all that we have sometimes. You are definitely part of the blessings I am grateful to have in my life.

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    Amen. You are a good mom!


      Thanks Al. I think I’m a better mom when we’re “on the go.” Not so hot when we’re all trapped at home on a rainy day. Ugh.

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