I’m leaving my job

June 18, 2012

It’s not just a job. It’s a job in a company that I’ve worked at for 13 years. At a place where I know a few hundred people. A place that employed me before I had kids, heck, before I was even married. I was a wide-eyed graduate fresh out of college who was offered a full-time position after completing an internship. I falsely assumed I would be rich off my humble starting salary.

Thirteen years and three kids later, I am far from being monetarily wealthy. However, my life as a whole is richer for having worked there.

Yet I knew this time was coming.

When I had to put one of my dogs down a couple of summers ago, I told people that I should have made that difficult decision about six months prior than I actually did. I knew he wasn’t happy merely existing.

It’s a pretty dumb comparison, but that is kind of how I felt about my job. I was merely existing for the last several months. I met deadlines, completed my work, and received feedback. But I was no longer hungry. I owed my company and myself more than that.

After I finally decided to reclaim some of my professional passion and eject from auto-pilot, I committed to leaving my employer the right way. To let people know what they’ve meant to me over the years. To wrap up loose ends, say my goodbyes. I am in that process this week.

The one person who I wish I could share this latest adventure with is my Grandma Peterson. She left this earth and a void in my heart in January 2008. No one was a bigger supporter of my dreams.

She would beg me for business cards every time I took a new position so she could share what I did with her friends at church and distant relatives. I literally had hundreds of business cards printed and never got rid of them so handing her a handful was never a problem. It made her happy and it made me proud.

As I tossed my ridiculous amount of business cards in the recycling bin, I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s a bit scary leaving your comfort zone. But I’ve never been one to shy away from opportunity. Grandma Peterson would have reassured me I will be great at this latest adventure.

So I will continue to believe her and forge on.

18 responses to I’m leaving my job


    Heidi, congratulations on your new endeavors. You have proved time and time again, that you will succeed in anything you do. Best of luck in the future!


      Thank you Brea. You are always a huge supporter for all of your friends. I am lucky to have you in my corner. I don’t yet know what a true challenge is…not like what you’ve encountered in your life. You are living proof of the power of love and strength.


    Good Luck Heidi ! Grandma is rightyou’ll do well in whatever you do.


      Thanks Pat! Feels like forever since I’ve seen you. But every time I do, it is as if no time has passed. 🙂 Have a wonderful Fourth of July. I know how much your fam loves it every year.


    Good luck, I find your courage inspiring.


    Good luck! Happiness trumps all. Wishing you much happiness!


    i personally will truly miss seeing / hearing your vivacious personality. BCBS events just won’t be quite the same!!! Good Luck in all your future endeavors.


      Thanks so much, Jeanette. Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. I don’t monitor this site or my personal e-mail as much as I should. I will miss you too my friend.


    Here’s to new adventures. Enjoy every second.


    A bit cryptic, and I’m new to your blog, but this I know: If you leap, the net will appear…


    Thank you all so much. Another great thought someone shared with me recently that I think is worth repeating: “I learned that the hardest thing to do was to make the choice to leave, rather than have no other choice but to leave, if that makes sense.”


    Congrats on getting out of your comfort zone!!! Here’s to new adventures!!! 🙂

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