Rock star reflection

July 1, 2012

You know the best part about blogging? You can brain dump all you want. It’s therapeutic really. Readers and fellow bloggers typically know within the first few sentences if your post is worth their time. I won’t guarantee this one will trip your trigger, but here goes.

I initially came out here to write about how I always thought it would have been cool to date a rock star (or at least a member of a band, preferably lead singer or guitarist…what does that say about me?) at some point in my younger years. When I opened WordPress to jot down these super deep thoughts, I noticed I had 375 views to my last post about starting a new career and that the total number of people who elect to follow every time I ramble is growing.

Who’s the rock star now?!

I launched maternalmedia back on February 19, 2012 with the entry, It’s about time I visited your sacred space. For the past several years, I have loved reading other people’s brain dumps and I sort of hoped I would be considered unique or (dare I say it?) interesting in the blogosphere.

It feels pretty damn amazing to know that I have readers who enjoy following my entries. So, more than anything else, I wanted to say thank you.

But, let’s get back to the original topic: Why did I never date anyone in a band? I know now that band guys are a different breed based on conversations I’ve had with women who have either dated or married them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they tend to be a little needy? And super interested in their personas? If there’s one thing I know about my attraction or lack thereof to the opposite sex, it is this: A dude cannot take longer than I do to get ready to go out.

My husband takes 20 minutes on average to head out the door if that tells you anything.

What kind of band member would I have dated had we crossed paths before I met the love of my life? My good friends know that my number 1 crush is on Chris Daughtry, but Chris Martin from Cold Play lands a close second.

I got to meet Chris Daughtry when he and his band visited Omaha earlier this summer. Unfortunately (for me), he is pretty short. And I am a tall glass of water in heels. That’s the more polite description versus Amazon Woman.

I hope his wife, Deanna, understands my fixation with her husband is all in fun. Thankfully, my husband does.

I literally just learned tonight thanks to Wikipedia that Chris Martin is married to Gwyneth Paltrow. Sooo, he likes tall blondes? Hhhmmmm. Interesting.

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