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I’m leaving my job

June 18, 2012

It’s not just a job. It’s a job in a company that I’ve worked at for 13 years. At a place where I know a few hundred people. A place that employed me before I had kids, heck, before I was even married. I was a wide-eyed graduate fresh out of college who was offered a full-time position after completing an internship. I falsely assumed I would be rich off my humble starting salary.

Thirteen years and three kids later, I am far from being monetarily wealthy. However, my life as a whole is richer for having worked there.

Yet I knew this time was coming.

When I had to put one of my dogs down a couple of summers ago, I told people that I should have made that difficult decision about six months prior than I actually did. I knew he wasn’t happy merely existing.

It’s a pretty dumb comparison, but that is kind of how I felt about my job. I was merely existing for the last several months. I met deadlines, completed my work, and received feedback. But I was no longer hungry. I owed my company and myself more than that.

After I finally decided to reclaim some of my professional passion and eject from auto-pilot, I committed to leaving my employer the right way. To let people know what they’ve meant to me over the years. To wrap up loose ends, say my goodbyes. I am in that process this week.

The one person who I wish I could share this latest adventure with is my Grandma Peterson. She left this earth and a void in my heart in January 2008. No one was a bigger supporter of my dreams.

She would beg me for business cards every time I took a new position so she could share what I did with her friends at church and distant relatives. I literally had hundreds of business cards printed and never got rid of them so handing her a handful was never a problem. It made her happy and it made me proud.

As I tossed my ridiculous amount of business cards in the recycling bin, I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s a bit scary leaving your comfort zone. But I’ve never been one to shy away from opportunity. Grandma Peterson would have reassured me I will be great at this latest adventure.

So I will continue to believe her and forge on.