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Want to know how I’ve mentally and physically prepared for running a big race in May thus far? Come on, you know you do. It will make you feel better about yourself.

I over-zealously declared all my New Year’s resolutions to anyone who would listen. I AM DOING ALL THE THINGS!

I gave up pop for a full month. I patted myself on the back.

I logged 3.5 miles a day for a week straight. At which point, my back responded: Uuummm…yyyeah…about that weak core of yours. I still can’t support it. So I’m out.

As my back went on strike, my recovery plan included a cocktail of chiro and physical therapy appointments, lots of Subway sandwiches, microwave popcorn, Girl Scouts cookies, and remorse.

I bought some new running shoes.

I complained about how I’m not able to get in my training miles when the freezing temperature makes it impossible to run outdoors in Nebraska, when the treadmill in my basement makes me angry just looking at it, and when the number on the scale reminds me that this year will be harder.

As I’ve said before, the act of running is not something I ever look forward to doing. Ever. However, being alone with my mind and experiencing endorphin release in my body make the lens in which I look through life much clearer.

Spring is coming. I must remember that.

Until it gets here, I’ll just sit back and watch this clip of a baby instinctively bonding with its mother on auto loop to make me smile.

Written by Heidi Woodard