Older, colder, and in need of fresh perspective

March 11, 2013

This was the view I had last Friday.

melted snow

and my mind tricked me into believing that spring was almost here

This was the view taken from the same camera angle just two days later on Sunday.

snow returns

you are an evil deceiver, Jack Frost

My mindset went from incredibly upbeat to completely ticked off in 48 hours. My mood fell as quickly as the thick snow came down.

I am left to wonder, will THIS be the final snow fall of the season here in Nebraska?

I. Am. Over. Winter.

My kids have a slightly different perspective.

snow day

yet another day off from school

Why can’t I have the same level of appreciation as they do for snow days?

It’s painfully obvious I’m not a kid anymore. Sure, on the surface, it would seem like a nice thing to experience a three-day weekend. And perhaps I would enjoy it more if it didn’t take me 30 minutes to warm up from the time I get out of my bed in the morning. If I wasn’t thinking about letting yet another running workout slip by because I hate the treadmill more than I hate math. If I wasn’t stressed about staying on top of everything in the office without physically being in the office.

This upcoming weekend will mark the end of my boys’ basketball seasons. They played 75 games between the two of them…and neither are ready for their seasons to end.

Guess what? I AM READY.

I am ready to switch to the equally (if not more) insane season of baseball, because those games are played outside and not within the confines of a gymnasium.

I am ready to run outside with a familiar group of colleagues over my lunch hour instead of dragging myself onto a hamster wheel.

I am ready to walk my dog on familiar trails and hear the neighborhood buzz as kids play in inflatable pools and run through sprinklers.

I am ready to blind people with my pasty white legs and wear flip flops as often as possible.

I am ready to take our vacation to Great Wolf Lodge, where my four-year old can experience (for the first time) what all the fuss is about.

I am ready to bid farewell to frigid temps and my perspective. Both are getting a little bitter this time of year.

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5 responses to Older, colder, and in need of fresh perspective


    I could NOT agree with you MORE! I used to be a fan of winter, but winter and I are officially done. I’ve never had this much trouble in years past with feeling cold. Did I mention I get irritated when I’m cold? Does that mean I’m getting old?? I don’t even care that spring means horrible allergies for me. This was not what I was picturing when I bought a bike a few days ago. Thanks for making me laugh about it. 🙂


      You know what else ticks me off? (now you got me started, Shannon!) The fact that I need to force myself to bed despite the fact that I am annoyingly tired from the ho-hum of sitting indoors avoiding the frozen wasteland. I want to be physically and happily drained from spending all my time and energy outdoors with my family! So I will only say “night” for now. I can’t wait to return to saying “good night!” to you, my friend.


    I peeled out of Denver 1999, enroute San Diego, after having shoveled snow at 4:00am — FOR THE LAST TIME. Part of why people in California are crazy (not son of Sam crazy, but regular crazy), is because they have no context for may things; appreciation of good weather is chief among those things.

    As I have mentioned here previously, there is a reason I vacation in Nebraska. That said, there is a reason I do so in the Summer 🙂


    I need to remind myself that this time, too, shall pass. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling envious of your pictures hiking in all of the seemingly fabulous places you do. I can’t wait to refer back to this article when I’m complaining about sweating in 90 degree weather at a ball diamond in August. Cause YOU KNOW that is inevitable too. HA!

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