Am I running these days? Yes…my mouth. About how much I don’t want to run.

March 1, 2014

Want to know how I’ve mentally and physically prepared for running a big race in May thus far? Come on, you know you do. It will make you feel better about yourself.

I over-zealously declared all my New Year’s resolutions to anyone who would listen. I AM DOING ALL THE THINGS!

I gave up pop for a full month. I patted myself on the back.

I logged 3.5 miles a day for a week straight. At which point, my back responded: Uuummm…yyyeah…about that weak core of yours. I still can’t support it. So I’m out.

As my back went on strike, my recovery plan included a cocktail of chiro and physical therapy appointments, lots of Subway sandwiches, microwave popcorn, Girl Scouts cookies, and remorse.

I bought some new running shoes.

I complained about how I’m not able to get in my training miles when the freezing temperature makes it impossible to run outdoors in Nebraska, when the treadmill in my basement makes me angry just looking at it, and when the number on the scale reminds me that this year will be harder.

As I’ve said before, the act of running is not something I ever look forward to doing. Ever. However, being alone with my mind and experiencing endorphin release in my body make the lens in which I look through life much clearer.

Spring is coming. I must remember that.

Until it gets here, I’ll just sit back and watch this clip of a baby instinctively bonding with its mother on auto loop to make me smile.

Written by Heidi Woodard

5 responses to Am I running these days? Yes…my mouth. About how much I don’t want to run.


    So I have comment; shocker. I have run on and off for a lot of my adult life. I have participated in marathons, half-marathons, and countless 5 and 10Ks. Because I make my living as a fitness trainer, and many o my clients have been runners, I have participated so I have been able to relate. F#ck running. Period. For me.

    When I complete a short run at the end of the summer, I was in such misery that I told my partner, Louise, the instant we were finished that note the date and time, this was my final run — ever. I have not run since.

    What I enjoy doing, is taking my treadmill to a 15% grade, and walking at a very fast pace. This does it for me. I look forward to it, and am always disappointed when I can’t get it in. So that self-serving rant setup this sincere question: If you don’t look forward to running, is there an endorphin releasing activity that you will look forward to…?

    The world needs happier people, and for people to feel less forced into spaces where they might not actually fit.

    As far as the back/core goes, you know my shtick on low-back extension. Done properly they can help many issues, ad probably cure tuberculosis, and scurvy.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I hope your back gets better, you never drink pop again, and mothers bonding with babies is always cool, but is way better in the animal world. Peace


    Dreadmills suck. The weather in the mid-west needs to get a grip. Ran outside on Friday. Started out 41 degrees, brisk, but fine. Within 27 minutes? Wind blowing, snow coming down, and 32 degrees. Mother Nature is a big ol’ hag.

    Good luck!


    I’m all for venting your frustration with yourself. It does help. But, I counted 37 accomplishments and one thing you’re not doing as often as you feel like you should. And those are just the things you listed here. I know your list of daily accomplishments is much longer. So, if you’re trying to convince me you’re failing, you’ve failed. All you’ve convinced me of is that you aren’t lying when you say you’re bad at math. You’ll be pounding the pavement again in plenty of time for May. I’m sure of it.


    Roy – D@mn you and your common sense approach to life. 🙂 Seriously, you are right that I really should enjoy both the endorphin release and the manner in which I achieve it.

    Shannon – Thank you for being my math friend. Also…know I am grateful for everything you give to me.

    Harleys and Heels – Have I ever told you I don’t feel cool enough to have someone with a blog named “Harleys and Heels” following me? 🙂 I will call that stupid machine a dreadmill from this point forward!


    I watch Connie on the treadmill, does that count?