Mindful abundance

November 4, 2019

fall sky

I gave myself an unexpected gift today

It cost nothing but patience and introspection

It had been some time since I opened up my head

To receive the lessons that one can only unearth

When you say “no” to pings and “yes” to prayer

“No” to calls and “yes” to callings

“No” to distractions and “yes” to darlings

“No” to surfing and “yes” to serving

Turning away from all screens

Looking directly into another’s eyes

Being in the moment

Why do we choose in our painfully brief lives

To fill the gaps with meaninglessness?

Overflow them with mindful abundance instead


This is the ninth (#9) in a series of 100-word posts I plan to write. 

My ultimate goal is to create 100 of these 100-word posts in no set time frame. Thanks for following along!

Written by Heidi Woodard

4 responses to Mindful abundance


    Bravo…! Assuming that being here rather than with my mother or my dog in this brief quiet moment is acceptable…


    I will approve both of those delightful distractions.


    This is lovely, Heidi. And I heartily agree. Please note, my mindful ignoring of my phone is why I didn’t see your post notification in my email until now. Sometimes my mindfulness backfires. 😉 Delightful to hear from you, my friend. 🙂


      Never ever need to feel the need to apologize for the time it takes you to read or respond. Happy to have someone like you who does both. I’m glad you are fighting for less distraction too!