Reminding myself about what is important

May 9, 2019 — 4 Comments
Jaycee painting

Painting by my daughter


It’s hard not to try to cram every moment

of significant importance into every day.

I would argue it’s even harder to stop and appreciate

what others may gloss over as insignificant.

I woke up today and, although sleep deprived,

I know I have my loved ones still here with me.

I have a house and a dog.

I have a car to take me to the job I am blessed to keep.

I choose to remember that my earnings

do not translate into my value.

The quality of relationships greatly outweighs

the quantity of casual connections.

I am loved.


This is the eighth (#8) in a series of 100-word posts I plan to write. 

My ultimate goal is to create 100 of these 100-word posts in no set time frame. Thanks for following along!

Written by Heidi Woodard


4 responses to Reminding myself about what is important


    I needed to read this today and it’s my suspicion that others may as well. Thanks, Heidi.


    “Casual connections“

    I chew on that one all the time, and still can’t come to terms with it…


      I know you do and I’ve enjoyed reading about your observations. Thanks for stopping by….enjoy what I assume will be nice weather for you today. 🙂

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