As normal as breathing

February 21, 2019

mom and dad

The best parenting pattern I ever learned

was practiced by my mom and dad

They did this throughout my childhood

and continue it well into my adulthood

I’d argue it’s the best lesson

to be passed down to me

Yes, they told me to stay away from drugs

to make goals that were both tough and attainable

to treat people and animals with love and respect

But the single best habit I grew up believing was as normal

as breathing in the air around me, is to instinctively say

“I love you” every time we are in each other’s presence


This is the seventh (#7) in a series of 100-word posts I plan to write. 

My ultimate goal is to create 100 of these 100-word posts in no set time frame. Thanks for following along!

Written by Heidi Woodard

2 responses to As normal as breathing


    I agree a very wise lesson taught by a very wise
    kind and loving couple. We do the same in our family❤️