Being a runner shows commitment in every aspect of life

May 6, 2013

Let me live on the top of my mountain for just one post. Basking in the sunlight of the “post-race high.”

Credit: Rather Be Running

I completed a Half Marathon yesterday. It was my third time running 13.1 miles. And I completed this feat three consecutive years.

Boo ya, baby.

Back when I created my my LinkedIn profile a little over year ago, it looked a little weird to have Running listed as one of my skills. According to everything I read about LinkedIn, the tool is supposed to be an online resumé of sorts, allowing people to catch a glimpse of your professional career – a snapshot of what you’ve accomplished.

Naturally then, when it came time to list those things I felt I excelled at, I thought Running should be included in my repertoire even though it was a personal versus professional endeavor.

Every runner (or weight lifter, or cyclist, or swimmer) finds a way to stick with their routine through the good and the bad and discovers new ways to mix it up to avoid pain, boredom, and burn out.

I’d be willing to bet the majority of 9-to-5’ers I know working in corporate America run the risk of suffering those same consequences.

Again, this could just be my endurance euphoria speaking, but I have better clarity today for having set and surpassed a goal.

Knowing that I had in it me to follow through on a commitment I made to myself months ago feels amazeballs (thanks to my cousin, Jen, for that phrase).

And it proves I will work hard. In my family. In my workplace. In life.

The results of sacrifice, when you can truly step back and appreciate them, will always overshadow temporary pain.

Oh, and I’ve already re-absorbed more calories than I burned in the past 24 hours, and I wish I could say they were all from fruits and veggies, but…come on…you know me better than that. Here’s to killer burgers and pancakes!

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    I feel like I can accomplish anything after I set a goal and make it happen. I have just relit my passion for running and I’m trying to do 6 miles a day to start. My goal is to at least run one 5k or half marathon this summer. Good luck with running and don’t ever stop sprinting those hills.


    Good luck on relighting that passion. I’ll be perfectly honest…the act of running is never all that fun for me. I think people who run ultramarathons are certifiably nuts (but good for them for being super healthy insane:) However, the feeling after a good run is hard to match. Thanks for the comment.


    Congratulations on your accomplishment!


    “The results of sacrifice, when you can truly step back and appreciate them, will always overshadow temporary pain.” That was so well worded, timely, and important for me to remember that I actually just took a pen, wrote it down on a post-it note, and stuck it to my mirror.

    And yes, I just quoted you back to yourself in your own comments…


    Congratulations on two things; completing another 13.1, AND, having this re-posted tomorrow morning on the Contemplative Fitness Facebook page. Two great achievements!


    Congrats on your race! I list running as an interest on my LinkedIn profile 🙂


      And you most certainly should! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s worth sharing. Thanks for the comment.

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    Great post! I really relate to how you were able to set a goal and achieve it! I also am the first to admit that I ate a HUGE brunch buffet afterwards, pretty sure I ate all those calories I burned in one sitting 🙂

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