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October 3, 2014

Are you a fan of what I have to offer in terms of content? Or perhaps the jury’s still out on whether I make you laugh…think…care…like I promised I would?



When I think of the bloggers and online personalities in general whom I like to follow, the thing that always stands out to me is how real they are. They know their niche and they don’t stray from it. When I see their posts arrive in my RSS feed, I know pretty much what to expect before linking into their world.

If you take the time out of your already time-pressed day to read my ramblings, I owe it to you to make every minute count. I hope you know I realize that.

For this reason, I’m asking you to vote on what topic(s) you enjoy reading the most about. Would you take a minute of your time so that I may better use your time?

My mind tends to move a mile a minute – about 50 percent of the time it’s on something really productive. The other 50 percent is dedicated to dreaming up big adventures.

Maternal Media is a productive adventure I began back in February 2012. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Written by Heidi Woodard

I talked my husband into bringing back a fun family tradition that we haven’t done for over four years.

We’re taking our kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. This will be the first trip for our youngest and a much-needed return adventure for the rest of us.

Prior to Christmas, I asked my oldest, who will be turning 11 in January, what he thought his favorite vacation was of all time. He and his brother have seen moose and mountains in Estes Park and visited Water World outside of Denver. Their one and only plane trip thus far was to Chicago, where they got to ride the historic Navy Pier Ferris wheel and explore Millennium Park.

I’ve shared before on this blog how I can feel him moving away from his childhood and reliance on me and his dad.

You can imagine my surprise when he responded that Great Wold Lodge was his all-time favorite place to vacation.

The more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. The drive there is relatively short for us, and once there, we don’t have to leave the lodge for anything. We swim, eat, sleep, and repeat. It’s uninterrupted family time, something we don’t make nearly enough time for these days.

I captured the moment my kids learned that we are heading to Great Wolf again. You can’t quite see the expression on my oldest’s face, but our middle son’s reaction basically says enough for both of them.

The Great Wolf Lodge website shows a 17-second video of a family riding down a giant water slide together in a tube. The caption beneath the video reads, “Your kids’ childhood goes by just as fast.”

I couldn’t agree more.

First year at GWL

First year at GWL

Second year at GWL

Second year at GWL

Third year at GWL

Third year at GWL

My how fast time flies!

My how fast time flies!

Created by Heidi Woodard

In the blurry days of summer, when light takes hold of dark

When kids grow faster than flowers, and memories make their mark

When you spend time treading water to keep your head afloat

And reflect on putting pen to paper or making mental note

The older you get the more you sit and watch your days unfold

It’s the same story from parent to child no greater truth will ever be told

You yearn to rewind and freeze time but know you never will

For humankind is simply powerless at making life stand still

Far too often we fail to recognize when all is good and right

When troubles are fairly minimal and we sleep peacefully at night

Our perceived hardships are quite trivial in the grand scheme of things

Surrounded by those who love us, true contentment family brings

Moments are like bubbles of time floating carelessly in the breeze

Both beautiful and fragile they move on as they please

You try relentlessly to catch them knowing in your heart you never will

For humankind is simply powerless at making life stand still