In my world, in my words

October 3, 2014

Are you a fan of what I have to offer in terms of content? Or perhaps the jury’s still out on whether I make you laugh…think…care…like I promised I would?



When I think of the bloggers and online personalities in general whom I like to follow, the thing that always stands out to me is how real they are. They know their niche and they don’t stray from it. When I see their posts arrive in my RSS feed, I know pretty much what to expect before linking into their world.

If you take the time out of your already time-pressed day to read my ramblings, I owe it to you to make every minute count. I hope you know I realize that.

For this reason, I’m asking you to vote on what topic(s) you enjoy reading the most about. Would you take a minute of your time so that I may better use your time?

My mind tends to move a mile a minute – about 50 percent of the time it’s on something really productive. The other 50 percent is dedicated to dreaming up big adventures.

Maternal Media is a productive adventure I began back in February 2012. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Written by Heidi Woodard

6 responses to In my world, in my words


    That you write sincerely, matters much more than what you write about. It’s your heart and mind that I like to read, not your topics. Stay organic. Stay sincere.


      Thank you for this genuine feedback. I will definitely continue to write about what I feel I need to say. I never want to write to please everyone…I like having readers who get me. 🙂


    Write what you love. It shows in your voice and your words. The reason I love reading your writing is that I can “hear” you in it. You are awesome. Keep writing. ❤


    I’d like you to write an essay on “The Importance of Theoretical Physics In The Modern World”, but I assume you’ll put that on your “someday” list, so until you get to that post, I vote that you write about whatever is on your mind. I agree that most bloggers have a niche, or at least start out with one. They may stick with that niche or they may evolve to the point where their niche is their personality. That is what I love to read. I don’t follow blogs, I follow people. People are unpredictable. So, surprise me! I promise you will never be wasting my time. Not even when you get to my requested theoretical physics post…I know you’ll “Heidi” it up and make it funny. Also, if you could somehow work Murphy into the physics post, that would awesome. Can’t wait!


      Ooooo! If I could write even a sentence about physics, I would feel so cool! I think Murphy would want me to thank you too. She knows you’ve got her back.