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By now we’ve all heard the catchy tune, What does the fox say?

This video debuted in September and soon went viral wracking up nearly 270,000,000 hits on YouTube.

Then there’s this little phenomenon called vlogging (video + blogging). A young lady taking full advantage of this platform is Jenna Mourey, or more commonly known by her pseudonym, Jenna Marbles. Her YouTube channel has over 11 million subscribers.

Here’s a snippet of her work (disclaimer: a lot of her vlogs are not appropriate for those easily offended by bad language).

So, yeah, I guess that’s all the explanation I need to justify why I’m running with this impulsive idea to produce and upload a vlog of my thoughts on a weekly basis.

My goal is 20 views (baby steps) in a single week. Hell, maybe you might even want to subscribe to my channel? I know…I know…that’s crazy talk.

I’m not promising high tech, high quality stuff here. Just thoughts from a mom who doesn’t know how to remove those black boxes on both sides of her video window, or guarantee good audio, or understand her iPhone. I can tell you’re on the edge of your seat.

Without further ado…

And, yes, I asked you to vote for me. To translate mom-ese, that means like my video.