Two crappy tasks + one fantastic accomplishment

February 24, 2013

Maternalmedia just celebrated its one-year anniversary on February 19. Back when I began this blogging site, I touted it as “only therapy for those who are easily distracted and overly committed,” because that basically sums me up in a nutshell.

I believe the overall purpose still rings true today. I also think this site has evolved into something a little more – a place where you can hopefully feel a bit uplifted or inspired to take action.

I tend to get inspired by people when I need it the most.

One such person is someone I met in high school and continue to follow because her story is incredible. She recently launched a Facebook brand page called Grown Up Spinach. It’s all about how she is attempting to model her family’s eating habits after her own personal (amazing) clean eating and weight loss journey.

One of the first articles she shared on her page was Coca Cola’s Low Calorie Beverages Will Kill You Before They Solve Obesity by the Food Babe. As a Coca Cola junkie myself, I have felt firsthand “The stimulation you get from the caffeine, along with the taste of something sweet,” and how it “keeps you coming back for more and more.”

I now know the sugary, fizzy crap is absolutely awful for me, but I bought into the multi-billion dollar industry’s “Happiness” ploy and taste long before I was old enough to realize I was ruining my health sip by sip.

Another person has taken her love of healthy eating, alongside the love of her husband, and created a company called Completely Nourished. The pair recently announced their decision to live in an RV and sell many of their household possessions…even the house itself eventually…to travel wherever their hearts lead them.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, here’s a great video of Christy explaining how she and her husband were once completely clueless about what they were putting into their bodies, and how they’ve done a total 180 and adopted additive-free eating.

My challenge is taking what I find inspiring and applying it to my life. I know what’s best for me, yet I have a tendency to slip back into old habits.

I made a conscious decision that, for one month straight beginning today, I will complete at least two tasks I do not want to do and one gratifying accomplishment I yearn to do every day.

My two crappy tasks today were:

  1. I did not drink a single coke.
  2. I pre-cooked lunches for myself so I wouldn’t eat out for at least four days this week.
not too shabby shrimp and pasta

not-too-shabby shrimp and pasta

My one fantastic accomplishment today was:

  1. A two-mile walk around my neighborhood.
icicle melt

may our stress melt like icicles on a warm wintry day

I’ve learned that I’m better at following through with goals when I make them public. If anyone else wants to participate on this month-long journey with me, I guess I’ve always felt that misery enjoys company (Have I mentioned how much I’ll miss coke? Let me clarify…the drink!)

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9 responses to Two crappy tasks + one fantastic accomplishment


    Bless you and your awesome timing! I needed this. I’m totally in! Just two weeks ago I was going to go public with my goal of going to sleep on time, because I feel so much better when I am well rested. Then I chickened out on going public, because I knew that meant I really had to do it. Guess how many nights I met my goal with no accountability? Two! Then I went totally off track. So, here’s to the threat of public humiliation! (By the way, I didn’t walk at all today. It’s too dark to walk outside now, but your accomplishment has motivated me to at least go to the store and walk some laps indoors.)


    “I’ve learned that I’m better at following through with goals when I make them public”

    This is one of the better aspects of the internet age. We can live transparently — if we’re not afraid to live transparently.

    Throwing it out there — whether people want to catch it or not, has shaped my behaviors in ways I am proud of, astounded by, and appreciative of.

    Keep those transformations going! Now to check out the video…


      Yeah, you better believe I was motivated by both the photo/story you recently posted of yourself as well as that gal doing dead lifts with plates. Thanks for pushing everyone around you. I think it’s more common for people to only worry about themselves. You are clearly most happy when your improvements help others improve.


    I was having a hard time coming up with a reply after reading this. I am a little humbled at the thought that I would inspire you. Your blog has been an inspiration to me, and part of what made me believe I could start Grownup Spinach in the first place. Thank you.


      What you’ve done, and continue to do with your life, is something worth sharing with others. I wanted to tell you I LOVE the story behind the name “Grown Up Spinach.” Keep up the great progress.

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