Seven facts about myself

August 19, 2012

Taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers, Kate from, I’ve accepted the challenge, “share seven unknown facts about yourself.” Enjoy the randomness of my bean spilling below and then repay me by sharing your list.

1. I am a borderline trypophobic. No idea what trypophobia is? Neither did I until I searched “pattern phobia” on Google and viewed pictures that made my skin crawl. My cousins and I have talked about our shared squeamishness for clustered patterns. An image of bees crawling out of honeycomb gives us the dry heaves. Then there’s crap like this…

…I can’t explain it. If you can look at this photo and have absolutely no reaction, then congratulations for not being a freak. If the above image deeply disturbs you, well, welcome to my world.

2. I check my purse at least twice before I lock my van. Even when I am absolutely positive I have my keys in there, I still feel compelled to double-check. I have only locked my keys in the inside of an automobile once in my life. I also unbuckle my seat belt before coming to a complete stop when parking my car. If I’m lucky, that saves me two seconds in my day. Weird, right?

3. I get teary eyed every time I see a baby being born or any athlete (at any age) making a huge play.

4. I often trap flies in my house and then take them outside to release them.

5. I don’t miss my children being babies one bit. I secretly feel like that makes me an awful mom. But I don’t care. Parenting is a lot easier when children can sleep through the night and control their bowel movements.

6. I have grown to distrust the medical community. My grandmother passed away in a nursing home due to negligence. I had a botched c-section by a trusted OB-GYN. And my son just had his “waterproof” cast removed, revealing his bone had healed but his skin was severely blistered and irritated.

7. I love sleep over almost anything else in life.

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    These were so fun to read! 🙂