Plugins for Dummies

August 16, 2012

Here’s my desperate shout-out to my fellow Word Press bloggers: How on earth do I play an .mp3 file on here?

I’ve read that I need to install wordtube. And that I need to choose this plug-in from under the “Media” menu on my dashboard.

PROBLEM: Once I downloaded wordtube, a bunch of files just cozied up in a random folder knowing I haven’t the slightest clue as to what to do with them.

And I quote (this is supposed to be spelled out for even the dumbest users to understand):

== Installation ==

1. Upload the files to wp-content/plugins/wordtube

2. Go to the web page and download the JW FLV Media Player 5.0 or higher and unpack the content

3. Upload the file player.swf and yt.swf to the WordPress upload folder

4. Activate the plugin

5. Upload a .flv video file or an mp3 sound file to the WordPress upload folder or use the Upload form at Manage -> wordTube

6. Optional you can upload a image to show a preview of the video/mp3 file

7. Go to your post and enter tag [media id=”media id”] or .

That’s it … Have fun

I am NOT having fun. I can’t even get past step 1. Am I supposed to copy/paste that address in my URL? (I already know the answer to that question because I tried and it doesn’t work.)

AAAGHHH!! Frustrated. Whatever. I am going to bed.