Happy to not always be ‘in the know’

March 14, 2012

There are times when I want to be in the know.

For instance, I wish I had known before today when I started tracking calories that I consume that 2 Tbsp. of creamy peanut butter equates to 200 ridiculous calories. That, for the past 1.5 years, I have been putting 200 calories (a spoonful) into my morning protein shakes. I figured all this time that I needed the protein so why not add peanut butter? Oh yeah, because I also scoop in 130 calories of whey protein powder into my liquid breakfast.

I hate people who track what they eat. I am heading to the dark side. I am sounding like one of them. You know what I actually admire about calorie counters? That they can literally eat their body weight in french fries and milk shakes on their one allowed weekly cheat day as long as they stick to their magic caloric limit the other six days. And still manage to lose weight.

Day 1 totals: EPIC FAIL.

Tonight I sat down to attempt to catch up on all of the buzz through news sources and people I follow on various social media channels. It is a slippery slope though, when one strives to constantly be in the know. It is an easy (and borderline addictive) way to pass the time.

As the clock approaches 9:15 p.m., I know that I can have an hour of uninterrupted “catch up time” if I so choose. But I also know that, if  I log off soon, I’ll have an opportunity to fall asleep with my two younger children before my husband and oldest get home from baseball practice.

Snuggle time should always trump screen time.

An honestly, the more I casually surf around, the greater chances I will stumble upon stories of megastars at their absolute fattest (or most glowing) who are not that far above my current weight.

I realize I have six inches on her, but Jessica Simpson claims she is only around 170 pounds. I don't know if I buy it.

One response to Happy to not always be ‘in the know’


    I have to admit, I am one of “those” people. I can look at food and know the calories. Peanut butter is evil – tastes so good, is so tempting, exudes the appeal of healthy yet goes right to the thighs! Myfitnesspal.com is a wonderful tool to track!