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This is the first, but certainly will not be the last, entry that I would categorize as a brain dump. So many things I want to blog about, so little energy to pull together one comprehensive piece of quality writing.

Bear with me.

Apples should silently fall from the tree.

My three children and I have this longstanding tradition of reading a book together before bedtime in my husband and I’s king size bed. After a duration of time, we all get pretty settled in and sleepy. My two boys (10 and 8) then alternate who is forced to…errr lucky enough to…take their 3-year old sister to her bed and tuck her in.

The oldest boy also has responsibility for feeding his pet fish who happily swim in a tank located on a dresser at the foot of his bed. As I’m snuggling into my covers and adjusting my pillows just right, I hear an argument ensue between the two brothers.

Owen: GET OFF my bed!
Austin: Mom says you’re supposed to feed the fish!
Owen: Be quiet! Go to bed.
Austin: MOM! Owen’s not feeding the fish!
Me: Owen, FEED YOUR FISH! Don’t ignore them.
Owen:  <<ridiculously loud sigh>> Why? Why can’t I just do it tomorrow?
Me: Just do it now.
Owen: That’s no fair. I’m tired. YOU never get out of bed when YOU’RE tired! No matter what!

I should have seriously let him have it. But, let’s be honest. It was like 9 o’clock so I just mumbled “touche” under my breath and called it a night.

Blue collar miracle man

My husband still drives around the Nissan Exterra we purchased before we had children. More than a decade old, this SUV is seriously on its last leg. Yet it refuses to die.

Its only saving grace is that we are total tightwads who are not ashamed to be seen driving our respective eye sores all around town (I’ll see your Nissan Exterra and raise you a Dodge Grand Caravan).

Earlier this week, Ryan calls me from the road as he’s en route with our oldest to baseball practice. I can barely hear him over a sound I can only describe as a tornado in a tunnel. Turns out that is what an SUV going 50 MPH sounds like when it blows a spark plug.

He manages to get the rubble on wheels back to our garage and proceeds to tell me he needs to run out and get a part. To which I laugh and give him a look that says, “No matter how long we’ve been together, you can still make me laugh.”

And then I realize he’s serious.

Turns out he was able to follow a neighbor’s advice and fix the spark plug all by himself. Even more unbelievable than that…the damn thing is STILL running 48 hours later.

Blue collar guys are amazing. My Ryan’s collar is more of a robin egg hue, but he’s pretty spectacular nonetheless.

Finally a sign that speaks the truth

I had to snap a picture of this restroom sign because it reminded me of a recent piece I wrote for I find the bluntness refreshing.

As the weather improves, so does my mood

Outside time with the kids is something I absolutely love. No scheduled activities for once. Just time to suck in the spring air, screw around, and smile.

Jaycee had pajama day at preschool today and apparently decided to complete the look with bed head.

Jaycee and Austin playing under a weeping willow tree. Yes, I realize my son's bike helmet is probably too small. But the way I see it, it's still protecting at least 35 percent of his skull.

I swear it just seems like a few years ago when this man-child was able to ride this tricycle.

I love that he shares my sense of humor. This image of him on the tricycle is equivalent to me attempting to squeeze into a size 4 outfit.

And last but certainly not least

My blog was shared today by a brilliant blogger who is nothing short of amazing. Made me very proud. Thank you to elisariva. If you want to follow an inspirational woman who will challenge you to stretch your own human potential, I encourage you to check her out.


I got my backside into gear a couple years ago and started working out fairly consistently. Up to that point, people who bragged about their fitness regimens annoyed me…especially when it was on Facebook.

At one point, I actually updated my own status to read, “I am getting tired of hearing how healthy everyone is. Tonight, I wanted to let you all know I drove to a movie theater, bought buttered popcorn, and never stepped foot into the theater.”

Yeah. That showed them.

I’m proud to announce I’ve done a complete 180. I am now that annoying person who loves to talk about my workouts. You can choose to “x” out of this blog right now. I won’t be offended.

(OK, have the slackers left yet?)

Have the rest of you heard of Crossfit? The program is totally nuts and I would never subject myself to this sort of pain if left to my own individual choosing. However, after watching a group of my coworkers workout for a couple of months together, my competitive nature kicked into full swing.

I needed IN.

Now we have formed a crazy Crossfit family. We’ve suffered together, shared goals, and are determined to help push each other to extreme levels.

If you are looking for a challenge or just want to mix up your workout routine (I need this in the colder months when I can’t get outside because I have a hate/hate relationship with the treadmill), I encourage you to check out Crossfit.

Their website posts a new Workout of the Day (WOD) every 24 hours so you never perform the same moves back-to-back. I rarely understand what the workouts are based on description alone so I reference the online videos to learn proper technique.

Thanks to my new gym rat support group, I hope to lose 10 pounds and conquer at least one unaided pull-up by May 6, which is also the day I will run Lincoln Half Marathon. Enjoy the pics.

Getting ready to do sets of box jumps.

Feeling pretty good about myself.

Until I witness this freak of nature.

I increased the height of my own stack after watching him.

The more I lose, the easier this will get.

Right now, I am having 50 lbs of weighted assistance.

Not only do the guys make this look easy, they widen their grip to make it harder.

My badge of honor.