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Blissfully aware

March 3, 2013

I started this “series” back in September 2012 with my first entry dedicated to the things that contribute to my happiness. I’m adding my second installment a mere six months later (I had lofty goals of doing this much more frequently than I actually have.)

1. This video. If you only have time to watch one thing today, make it be this video!

2. My 11-year old son who says things like, “What’s up?” as he strolls into the room…like we’re buddies and actually have stuff in common to talk about.

3. My 9-year old son who no longer fits on my lap, but still lets me snuggle with him…when no one’s looking.

4. My 4-year old daughter who has a STRONG opinion of every piece of clothing she owns. And who does crazy sh*t like this on a daily basis.

5. My husband who has been rocking a weight loss challenge at work and is down 30 freaking pounds.

6. The amount of sleep I got this weekend (I was comatose for a good chunk of it).

7. The Saucony running shoes I just ordered online. I plan to wear them in the Lincoln Half Marathon on May 5.

winner shoes

winner shoes

8. Watching Saturday Night Live on the DVR as the rest of my family goes to bed.

OK, your turn. What are you blissfully aware of these days?

Created by Heidi Woodard

After watching Fun perform on Saturday Night Live, I declared to my husband that I MUST SEE THEM PERFORM LIVE whenever they decide to make a stop in the heartland.

I posted one of their videos last May and, since that time, my infatuation with their powerful music, their undeniable talent, and their vast influence has spiraled out of control.

I’ve latched onto certain songs over the years that remind me during my darkest hours (thankfully, I’ve had few) that life is absolutely beautiful and is so much bigger than any one of us can comprehend. We are blessed to be able to experience it, painful pitfalls and all.

If anyone out there is struggling to find their way, questioning how bad things can happen to good people, or just needs to curl up in a mental hole and remember to breathe, take a listen to these songs.

In order, from my most recent to my longest lasting favorite, I hope they lift you up as high as they’ve done for me.

Posted by Heidi Woodard