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Listen up little dreamers

January 29, 2013

I’ve read various renditions of blogs written by someone older to someone younger. Some are written by parents to their children, while others are written by adults to their younger selves if only they could go back in time and instill advice to avoid the pitfalls of growing up. All give insightful glimpses into lessons learned.

One of the most recent and inspiring that I’ve read is called Letters to All the Beautiful Little Girls – Part 1.

Don't fence yourself in.

Dream big. Don’t fence yourself in.

I mainly blog at night, once my three kids are settled down to bed and my mind is freed up to think.

Tonight, I won’t promise to solve all their problems. I’ll simply offer up these words of wisdom.

To my daughter:

1. I wish for you the kind of love that Rapunzel finds with Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled. But, even more than that, I wish for you to know the feeling of loving life.

2. Don’t waste a single breath complaining about your body. The boys and friends who only pay attention to you for it, and not your heart and mind, aren’t worth impressing. I know that is so much easier to preach than to practice. Mom needs a reminder herself every now and then.

3. Learn to love your crazy hair. Consider it an outward symbol of all the wild, rebellious ideas you’ve got floating around in that head of yours.

4. If wearing a dress and matching hair bows is what makes you happy, I’ll do my best to help out. Just know that your mom sucks at fashion and has a hard time understanding why people care so much about what covers their bodies. (On a related note: bras are dumb but you must wear one.)

5. Know that I love telling you that you are my favorite daughter and hearing you say that I am your favorite mom. I realize these words will undoubtedly run away during your hormonal years, but I have faith they will inevitably return.

To my sons:

1. Never underestimate the power of prayer…or deodorant.

2. You have no idea how lucky you are to share a bedroom together. I know it causes you much stress and angst now, but there will be a day when you look up and realize that your loud, obnoxious brother isn’t there. And the silence will be deafening.

3. Don’t fall for the girl who tells or shows you why you should like her. You are both smart. The best things in life are those you have to work for, including the attention of a female.

4. Know that you can remain within boundaries while helping to define them. You will face multiple paths in life. Do what feels right with the knowledge that you won’t choose right every time. Don’t be afraid to fail or you may never fully realize how far you can go.

choose your path wisely

choose your path wisely

5. When you screw up, seek out your father. When you are lauded for your accomplishments, thank your mom. Kidding…I’ve got your back no matter what.

Created by Heidi Woodard

The power of song

May 27, 2012

Isn’t it crazy how certain songs can take us back to a time when all things seemed innocent and perfect in life?

I recently connected with an old grade school friend via LinkedIn and I had to laugh because exchanging messages with him made me remember how much I used to LOVE the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner.

I’m not sure if I loved the movie or the movie’s theme song by Bryan Adams more. You see, I had a borderline obsession with all love songs by Bryan Adams in the 1990s. Poke all the fun you want. He clearly sang for a target audience of sappy females and I got sucked in from the first note.

Hearing this song again after so many years is a refreshing reminder to me that I often take life too seriously.

We are only young once and to feel true love is unlike any other emotion. I have felt true love only a few times and I knew once I met my husband that I would never meet another man who makes me feel the way he does.

If I were young today (I’m only 35 now so it’s not like I’m shopping around for nursing homes or anything…but…you get where I’m going), if I were living again in my molding years, I would imagine this song would rise to the top of my fleeting favorites.

Hearing it makes me remember the feeling of driving around in my car for the first time unchaperoned with the windows rolled down on a balmy summer night.

What are some of your favorite songs, past or present?