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Notice the normal

November 25, 2018

Peering and pouring into a screen by

watching videos, liking posts, gaming with friends,

swallowing shows, debating with others

and building an online persona

can provide fulfillment only to a point.

Fall Walk Collage.png

But you will also learn dear boy and girl

…that touching a phone, keyboard or controller

pales in comparison to holding another’s hand

…that dreaming of exploring far-away lands

may not satisfy your soul like walking in your

own backyard watching nature unfold

…that time spent thinking about your purpose

is time that could change the course of another’s life

…if you just looked up

and noticed the normal.


This is the fifth (#5) in a series of 100-word posts I plan to write. My ultimate goal is to create 100 of these posts in no set time frame. Thanks for following along!

Written by Heidi Woodard

Good day

September 14, 2012

If you haven’t checked out, stop what you’re doing because you won’t regret it. Seriously, I won’t even be mad if you leave my blog. You need a laugh.

In honor of that brilliant website, here’s an inspired photo I took before I left on the work trip I am currently on.

Why are all the females in my household SO DRAMATIC?

I’m going to go ahead and let the photos I took today do the rest of my blogging. Enjoy!