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I have wanted to write this post for awhile now. I started tossing around ideas awhile back about how to properly articulate what I think about life and the direction it takes us sometimes.

When a child begins to grow and discover their own personal potential, their innate strengths need not be defined. People can naturally see and appreciate them. They come easily and the child feels a sense of happiness anytime they are given the chance to share them with others.

Strengths are as unique to the child as the color of their hair or the tone of their voice. They help form their identity – ┬átheir own little island.

As we grow, the sea of possibilities surrounding our own personal islands is endless.

One’s course may start off smoothly, but rougher waters are inevitable. I firmly believe the farther you drift from your own personal identity or island, the more treacherous travel you will likely face and the greater risk you run of feeling lost.

We grab onto life preservers (power, possessions, influence, relationships) to make us feel invincible or to simply stay the course. We set ourselves up to believe we are only measured by how hard we crash into waves and by how great of a distance we travel.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the journey that we forget to look back at our own island. We realize that while life preservers may help move us forward, they don’t guarantee happiness.

My island is not crowded. It is not noisy nor stressful. On it are housed three or four things that come naturally to me and make me feel happy. I refuse to lose sight of them no matter where life takes me.

Have you thought lately about what makes up your island?