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A group of 11-year old boys gave me perspective this weekend without even realizing it.

They arrived expecting to win a baseball game, but instead lost. They jogged across the infield to shake the opposition’s hands.

They did something that many adults, including myself, struggle to do. After failing to achieve a desired goal, THEY MOVED ON.

Defeated one moment, laughing the next.

wiffle ball rocks

Little brothers and sisters got in on some wiffle ball action after the game.

I catch myself allowing external forces to affect my mood. I know I have the power to control my level of happiness, but boy is it easy to blame outside influences versus questioning myself.

Any of these scenarios resonate with you too?

I would have worked out had it not been for that meeting. (Guess what? No such constraints exist at the break of dawn.)

I ate a crappy lunch because it was fast and easy. (Also because I chose not to go to the grocery store to pick up healthier options.)

It’s hard to find time to write. (Especially when you factor in Facebook and Hulu surfing – neither of which help with writing.)

It’s time to stop dumping on excuses.

Dump your drama someplace else.

Dump your drama someplace else.

Here are a couple reminders for all of us to stop, reflect, and make the most out of this beautiful adventure we call life.

Incidentally, both made me cry today (yep, I’m a certifiable sap).


Created by Heidi Woodard