October 25, 2018

Acceptance is a tricky thing.

To feel as if you’ve done all you can.

To question if there is more to give.

Have you lived and loved and led enough?

Have you cut a corner here or there to maintain sanity?

As the autumn air turns brittle and cold

and you watch the sun retreat while dark shadows grow

you consent to the realization that another day is gone.

If you’re fortunate enough to appreciate it’s more important

to value all living things than it is to evaluate every little thing

you accept the gracious gift that fills your soul.

autumn leaves

This is the second (#2) in a series of 100-word posts I plan to write. My ultimate goal is to create 100 of these posts in no set time frame. If I follow into the same pattern of trying to reach a resolution (in comparison to diet or exercise aspirations), I may decide to throw in the towel prematurely and move on to other pursuits. Humor me while this writing trend lasts. Thanks for reading.

Written by Heidi Woodard