Nebraska Orthopaedic Heals More than Broken Bones

November 30, 2015

Every family seems to have that one kid who gets hurt and sick more than anyone else residing under the same roof and operating within the same life circumstances. Ours is the middle child: Austin.

There is a theory that middle children, as a rule, tend to be more ignored, more often left to their own devices and more prone to injury. I’d say Austin has been left to his own “demise” throughout the bulk of his childhood.

There was the teeny weenie fracture in his hip that he sustained when he was only 4 by jumping off a kitchen counter top (I’d like to believe R. Kelly wrote his 1998 hit I Believe I Can Fly with Austin as his inspiration).

I recall the doctor saying, “This is a break we normally see in elderly people due to falls. Very strange to encounter in a child of his age.”

Next there was the left arm break he suffered when he was 8 years old – narrowly missing his growth plate – at Defy Gravity…or, as the ER staff referred to that dreadful place, their #1 referral source.

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Next there was the right wrist fracture that somehow took place under the combined watch of his grandpa and his big brother when both of the older and presumably wiser men in charge decided to launch Austin into the air for fun. Austin was 10 years old and that wonderful memory just so happened to take place on my birthday. Weeeee.

Sprinkle in roughly 1 bout of strep throat for every year of this 12-year old boy’s life and you get an idea of what we’re dealing with when it comes to doctor visits.

In fact, if there was a punch card system for injury and illness visits, I’d have earned my own personalized, dedicated parking spot by now smack dab in front of every doctor’s office.

So when Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital approached me about writing a sponsored post for them, I was naturally inclined to help out.

The medical team at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital knows that, when it comes to treating emergencies, excellent care and a quick response are crucial. Their Emergency Department is staffed by Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians from UNMC Physicians and is open 24/7/365 to handle any situation.

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Prior to getting to know them a little better, I had assumed I would only grace their place to treat Austin’s inevitable next bone break. But it turns out they fix more than broken bones. They treat people with the flu, high fevers, stomach pain, chest pain, pneumonia, sprained ankles, strained muscles, and more.

Great service to me means more than just fixing the issue. The best service is a combo of highly skilled people who deliver on what they promise in the fastest turnaround time possible.

In May 2014, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported an average wait time of 30 minutes, and an average total time from arrival to discharge of slightly more than 120 minutes for emergency room patients. At Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, emergency patients wait a median of 20 minutes to see a health care team member, and are usually discharged within 90 minutes, depending on the nature of the emergency.

Speaking from experience, watching a child experience 30 less minutes of pain is something I’ll always hope and strive for in times of emergency.

Having three incredibly active children in sports has trained me to locate in advance the nearest ER just in case. This holiday season, my gift to other sports parents is to make sure you have Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital on your radar…especially those who live in West Omaha.

  • The hospital is located on the southeast corner of 144th and West Center Road
  • Their services include, but are not limited to, walk-in emergency care, sports injuries and work related injuries.
  • Emergency Services is located on the south end of the Oakview Medical Building, in Suite 150
  • For the ER Department, call 402-609-1500
  • They are an option for after-hours care when your regular Primary Care Physician is not available and you have an emergency condition
  • Check with your insurance department to make sure they are contracted as an “in-network provider” to avoid paying higher costs
  • Visit for more information

Written by Heidi Woodard


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