Short but oh so sweet

September 28, 2015

I should develop an outline. I should hash out my thoughts before spilling them here. I should proofread my first draft and make it all sound better. I should reach a minimum word count. I should explain why I haven’t written in far too long.

Aahhhhh…screw it.

My mini me reminding me of what it used to be like to be Heidi.

My mini me reminding me of what it used to be like to be Heidi.

All I want to do is share this moment with all of you.

And I want to tell this beautiful soul that my primary job as her mom is to make as many of her future days as possible feel exactly like this one did.

I make life too complicated some days. Do you too?

Look up. Look around. The good stuff is either already there in plain sight or is hidden somewhere for you to find.

There’s beauty in the branches of a weeping willow.

There’s love in the laughter of a child.

There’s a bit of me in her. I must remember to embrace and savor that little girl.

Written by Heidi Woodard

8 responses to Short but oh so sweet


    Great stuff Heidi.


    “When I was a child
    I spoke as a child
    I wish could remember what I said”

    A lyric from Todd Snider — one I try and recite daily….


      What a powerful lyric. I feel like you do all of the real work in deciphering all of the songs and then share the best stuff with me and others who follow you. Please keep that up.


    I love this post. The only thing that could’ve even possibly made it better would have been if after you filmed her, your daughter had then filmed you swinging on the weeping willow tree. 😉