They say a picture’s worth a thousand words

February 2, 2015

As I laid in bed earlier this morning with my daughter by my side, buried as deeply down under my blanket as the fallen tree outside my bedroom window was blanketed in snow, I looked up from my phone to see her reading to herself.


And this made me happy.

Refocusing my attention back to glowing screen staring back at me, I devoted the next 3.5 minutes of my day to watching this video.

And this made me hang my head in shame and put down my phone.

Later in the day, my little girl asked me to complete an “assignment sheet,” one that I was told needed to incorporate both pictures and words in order to describe her.

So I drew this beautiful rendition of her on the tiny assignment sheet she created for me.

FullSizeRender (1)

And this made us both giggle and me smile with pride.

She then told me it was my turn to create an assignment sheet for her. Same rules applied. She would combine words and pictures to describe me.

She meticulously printed her name and description sentence on the lines I created, drew her image in the square provided, then she handed everything back to me wearing a smirk on her face.


This made me hang my head in shame (again). Notice the laptop and cell phone, in particular.

For the record, we did go to Target today. Miss Tell-it-like-it-is got a new pair of shoes and a couple more books to add to her Dr. Seuss library.

We plan to read those books together, like we do NEARLY EVERY SINGLE NIGHT snuggled under the same blanket. Where I will sit. Logged off.

Has your kid shamed you lately?

Written by Heidi Woodard

4 responses to They say a picture’s worth a thousand words


    My girl shames me by always reminding me what I told her last time, which almost always contradicting what I’m telling her this time. This actually happened on the phone today as I was telling her my plans for my new fitness studio.

    “I though you were never ever getting back into the fitness business — that’s what you said 2 weeks ago…”

    She also reminded me I have the social media habits of an 8th grade girl….


    I don’t remember being shamed by my kids recently, but I definitely feel the pride on a regular basis! What they accomplish seems bigger and better than anything I have ever accomplished. That is humbling.


      Good reminder! I am definitely not ashamed. But I don’t always live up to World’s Best Mom standards either. Ha! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Kids have this way of making life as meaningful and memorable as it should be.” Thanks for stopping by!