Does vision affect reality?

February 6, 2013

Around this time last year, my boys and I created what we called our “walls of importance” (looking back, I designed my wall and then helped them figure out what to place on their walls too because I am a control freak).

I’ve seen others refer to these masterpieces as vision boards.

No matter what you call them, the idea is to find quotes, sayings, photos, and anything else that inspires you to remind you what is important in your life. You then cut these inspirations out and paste them on something tangible to display.

I recently completed my 2013 wall of importance and I’m pretty pumped about the finished product.

vision, reality

vision, reality

I decided to hang it next to the piece shown below in my work space. My husband, upon learning what I did, gently informed me that means I’m officially that weird coworker.

Heidi's happiness mantra

Heidi’s happiness mantra

Truth is…I don’t care if others think I’m different. That’s sort of my goal.

When I looked back at my February 2012 wall, I saw I included a picture of “Mom Blogging for Dummies” and had to laugh. I had been blogging for three years at the point I read that book, but I was ready to take the leap and brand myself on my own site.

And I did. Maternalmedia was born that very same month.

Will my vision affect my reality this year? I can’t wait to find out.

Created by Heidi Woodard

8 responses to Does vision affect reality?


    Different is cool, Heidi. That’s on my board, by the way (well, without the “, Heidi.” part). I started mine last night. I’ll let you see it when it’s done. 🙂


    Male perspective: I wish more men did these. I know many who create vision boards or something like them. The men I know have done it, which are few, have gotten as much from them as any woman I have known. I think that says a great deal.

    FYI: I love the. “Welcome to crazy” on yours!.


    This is AMAZING!!! I love your visions:)


    Thats great! It’s so strange how it isn’t totally socially acceptable to be open with, and proud of your dreams and ambitions. Kudos for doing it anyways! 🙂

    I am working with a friend on building a social vision board site for all the ‘weird’ ones in the world. If you are interested, it’s Would love to hear what you think!