I heart the heartland

October 6, 2012

I want to travel and see parts of the country (dare I say, world?) as I continue to grow. I sometimes beat myself up for having not expanded my horizons when I was young and able to move more freely.

And while I realize reading about faraway places isn’t nearly as fulfilling as living and breathing them in, some of the blogs I follow have given me glimpses into parts of the world I have never visited. I love reading certain blogs not only for their narrative, but also for their ability to expose me to the unknown.

This made me wonder if anyone who happens to stumble upon (or, best case scenario, follow?) my blog enjoys it partially because my world is so different from theirs.

It’s Husker football game night and our fam is camped in front of the TV shouting at the screen with the false belief we can influence the game. As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln fight song boasts, “There is no place like Nebraska.” This makes me laugh as I imagine parts of Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas aren’t that foreign from our state.

I didn’t have an ocean to walk alongside today. No (literal) mountains to climb. Not a single traffic jam to stew in.

Instead, I got to run and clear my mind. At the risk of furthering the stereotype that we have nothing but farmland here, I took some pictures of…you guessed it…

Fall horizon. I beg for the tolerable temps to remain as long as possible.

I live within a city that borders along countryside. My favorite part of the run is looking out to a lifestyle I’ve never lived.

Not sure why these images remind me of a song about Tennessee, but I’ll leave this for you to enjoy as well.

Don’t we all want to stop living with doubt?

Leave a comment about where you’re from. I’d love to learn more about your little part of the world.

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2 responses to I heart the heartland


    I’m actually in Lincoln right now as I type this [Born and raised here], but I’ve been able to travel a great deal and have experienced almost half of this great / crazy nation– Moved back to NE about a year and a half ago after running a business for years in Vail, Colorado. There are days when I’m relieved to be bored out of my mind here [Because it forces me into the art studio], and then there are days when I miss the adventures…


      I think many people (my friends included) love Colorado. If I could go there to ski once a year, I would. As it stands now I have only skied about five times in my life. And I’m a tad bit older than 5. Thanks for commenting!