Why bloggers share their lives

March 7, 2012

“People are balancing virtual and real-world relationships in the moment. Perhaps they need a constant sense of belonging and outside reinforcement to reinvigorate the here and now.” – The End of Businss as Usual by Brian Solis.

I’ve been blogging for years now. I started doing it as a hobby and then was fortunate to be chosen as a regular contributor for momaha.com. So, now I blog as both a hobby and a profession. Granted, I can’t quit my full-time job on my blogging salary. The extra income simply means I can buy a new outfit or get my hair done with little to no guilt now, which is nice.

When I think back as to why I started blogging in the first place, it honestly started as a creative outlet for me. It allowed me to document the craziness of raising three kids with my husband of 12 years. For a woman who detests scrap booking, it gave me confidence that my children would at least have something to look back upon when they’re older. And finally, the unexpected icing on the cake, it gave me a chance to connect with people.

No matter what a blogger’s niche is, I think we all share that desire: to connect with people. I don’t have to be able to relate to your lifestyle to find you interesting. In fact, I enjoy reading about people who are extremely different than me just as much as (if not more than) people who share my passions.

I’m fine with my here and now. In fact, I’m incredibly satisfied with nearly every aspect of my life. There’s something about sitting down at my laptop, though. I don’t need anyone’s approval before hitting the “publish” key. I can virtually escape without leaving the comfort of my home. I can imagine people who I’ve never met in person reading my words and nodding their head in agreement.

Despite the fact I haven’t stepped foot into a classroom in more than a decade, I continue to learn about fascinating people and the drive that motivates them. The lessons that bloggers provide can’t be found in a text book.

So, tonight, I challenge you to leave me a sentence or two in the comments section that define who you are. I’ll start: I am an evolutionary woman who refuses to put anything above my family. Living in Nebraska, I love experiencing the world outside of my own little bubble but I always yearn to return home at the end of every journey.

4 responses to Why bloggers share their lives


    I am a person who loves the life I am living and want to see and experience as much that this world has to offer. Both seeing for myself and reading others’ experiences broadens my knowledge of this wonderful world we live on.


    I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend before everything else. I am a woman who loves a challenge, learns from experiences (mine and others), prides myself on being open-minded, doesn’t back down from confrontation and believes everything happens for a reason. Great question!